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Count number of cells

In the first task, we will manually count number of cells in the image cells.png.
  1. Open image cells.png. To do this either use Open function in File menu or press Open icon in File toolbar.
  2. In the toolbars, select Manual Tag/Counter mode, check Draw checkbox and press Spreadsheet button so that additional window with spreadsheet appears.

    count number of cells

  3. Left click on the cell in the image. Small tag circle appears. The coordinates of the tag will show in the spreadsheet.
  4. If you like bigger tags increase Pen Width (above the Draw checkbox). If you want different color, double-click Foreground color box (located left of Draw checkbox).
  5. Keep clicking on cells until all tagged. There will be exactly 26 entries in spreadsheet, i.e. locations of tags that represents cells. So there are exactly 26 cells (more than half of cells is visible) in the image.
  6. If you want to get rid of tags after you have finished counting, press Clear drawing button (marked with X, located 2 buttons left of Foreground color box).

    tagged cells


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