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Diameter of cell

In this lesson we will manualy measure diameter of a cell in the image "cells.png".
    Open file cells.png.

    Spatial Calibration procedure
  1. To perform scale calibration, select "Spatial Calibration" from Tools menu or press “Spatial calibration” button (left-most button, marked with cross). New dialog appears.
  2. There is a line 10 micrometers long in the right bottom part of the image. Left click on the one end of this line. Left click on the other end of the line.
  3. Distance (in pixels) between those two points appears in Spatial Calibration dialog. Now you have to enter number of real world units. In our case enter 5, because the scale is 5 centimetres long.
  4. Now you have Conversion factor. You can save it to the file, so you won’t have to calibrate the image again other time. Press OK.

    diameter of cells

    Measurement procedure

  5. Now we can start measuring. Select Line-length measurement mode (press "arrow" button in the toolbar or select Length->Straight Line from Measure menu).
  6. Left click on first point of line that you want to measure. When you are moving mouse, you can see distance of current mouse position from the first point in the status bar of Able Image Analyser (the bottom-most thing).
  7. Left click on second point. Distance stays in status bar. If you have Messages window, distance also appears in it.
  8. Diameters of cells are around 7-7.50 micrometers.

    diameters of cells


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