About Able Image Analyser

Able Image Analyser - Screenshot #2Able Image Analyser is an user friendly Windows™ software for image analysis. It enables dimensional measurements: distance, area, angle in digital images.

Spatial calibration is available to provide real world dimensional measurements such as kilometers, millimeters, nanometers, microns, miles, feet, etc. for both linear and area measurements.

Able Image Analyser automatically detects objects in the image, counts them and calculates their positions and sizes. It can be used for particle tracking.

The program can import many different image formats (jpeg, bmp, png, tiff, rla, rpf, cel, pic, cut, eps, jfif, jpg, pcd, psps, psd, pbm, ppm, bw, rgb, sgi, icb, tga, dib, rle, ico, emf, pcc, pcx, scr…), and works with any number of images simultaneously.

All measurements are written into a spreadsheet, where you can enter and edit data as well. The measurements can be exported as CSV, HTML or ASCII file formats for subsequent analysis in other programs. The analysed images can be exported as Bitmap or JPEG images in order to process them elsewhere.

The program supports standard image processing functions such as brightness and contrast manipulation, color inversion and channels manipulation, spatial convolutions with convolution masks and morphing filters. It also provides geometric transformations such as rotate, resize, merge, flip horizontal and vertical. T

FeaturesAble Image Analyser - Screenshot #1

Measurements Include:

  • Point-to-point linear measurement
  • Length of segmented lines
  • Area and perimeter of circle, ellipse or rectangle
  • Automatic detection of object locations and areas
  • Area of polygon and irregular shapes
  • Angle measurements
  • Manual counter for tagging and summing events

Additional Features:

  • Built in calibration interface is easy to use.
  • Images can be measured using arbitrary units, eg. microns, millimeters,inches, pixels, feet, meters, mils.
  • Placement of the measurement scale (i.e. micron bar) over the image.
  • Measurement statistics are generated in an easy-to-use format.
  • Histogram of color and gray scale images.
  • Color separation of 24 bit image into the red, green and blue planes
  • Direct TWAIN import from scanners and cameras
  • …and lots more

Download demo version of Able Image Analyser to see and try all its features.


Questions about Able Image Analyser should be addressed to our e-mail. Users of full version get 1 month of free e-mail instructions, help and support.

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You can immediately download free version of Able Image Analyser which can open included sample images.

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